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It is our aim to help vulnerable children living in unthinkable conditions, to give them hope, a lifeline, and a chance to experience the basic standards that we take for granted, such as food, clean water and an education. Your support helps us to do that! So far we have been able to sponsor 9 children!


It is our pleasure to introduce you to 6 year old Mattu who we are now able to sponsor due to your support. Mattu is from Sierra Leone which is one of the world’s poorest countries. Tragically, 1 in 6 children die in Sierra Leone before their 5th birthday. 



This is 3 year old Edson, our 2nd sponsor child. Edson lives in the most remote and harshest area in Bolivia, one of Latin America’s poorest countries. Life is tough for families in Bolivia, many struggle with poor health and malnutrition among children is common. Sadly, domestic violence and child abuse are also widespread.
With your support, we are able to keep sponsoring children like Mattu and Edson who suffer every single day. We will offer you updates on our sponsor children through our Facebook page.  On behalf of ourselves and these children, thank you for your continued support!
19/10/2013 - Modesta lives in the most remote and harshest area in Bolivia, one of Latin America’s poorest countries. Life here is tough for families, many struggle with poor health and malnutrition among children is common. Sadly, domestic violence and child abuse are also widespread. With your support World Vision will be able to keep working to improve the health and well being of children in Bolivia.
 14/11/2013 - This is Sheriff, who like Modesta and Edson, also lives in Bolivia. Thank you for your continued support and for enabling us to turn innocent children's sufferings into the smiles they truly deserve, thank you!
May we introduce you to Seda, our fifth sponsor child. Seda is just 6 years old, and lives in Armenia, a very poor country where child malnutrition is high. This sponsorship will allow Seda and her community better access to clean water, healthcare and education. 
19/04/2014 This is Getnet who lives in Ethiopia , the second most populated country in Africa and one prone to droughts. Big issues in Ethiopia are finding ways to help families grow more resilient crops on their land, and getting access to safe, clean drinking water.
Meet Devid, he is 9 years old and from Albania. Albania is a country that suffers with one of the highest infant mortality rates in Europe and is one of the poorest. Sixty percent of the population live on less than $3 per day. Many families here face a constant battle to provide food, clothes, clean water and other basic necessities for their children.
This is Zainab, Zainab is a 6 year old little girl who lives in the West African country of Sierra Leone, one of the world’s poorest countries. Tragically one in six children die here before their fifth birthday. Welcome to our team Zainab!
This is 5 year old Wendy. Wendy lives in Honduras, central America, which is vulnerable to natural disasters. Malnutrition, infant diseases, social unrest and illiteracy are also widespread. We are so proud to be supporting this little girl and her community 


Mattu (Full name Jabbie Lucinda) is now 7 years old. She has, thankfully, been in good health this year, receiving medical supplies from Worldvision, enabled by our sponsorship. This last academic year, Mattu was in Pre-school and her best friend is called Jane. At home she helps with babysitting and she most enjoys colouring. Because of our sponsorship, Mattu and her family received clean water and educational materials.
As well as the direct help to Mattu and her family, the community are helped as a whole and the children, staff and community have given thanks for ''your immense contributions and support''. The contributions and support facilitated 2 apartments in the health care centre and needed medicines, to enhance the protection of children from infectious disease, injury and to increase access to essential health services. Rain water is now being harvested, improving sanitation and hygiene. The education project, among their many achievements, was able to increase access to basic primary education, raise awareness on child protection and help provide educational supplies and materials. To address the well being of children and improve overall health, a 3 year programme of Women's empowerment interventions has been set up. To enhance and sustain a parent's ability to pay for their child's needs, women were given seeds and gardening tools to establish vegetable gardens, to allow them to sell their fresh produce.
The difference sponsorships have made to the lives of these children, families and communities as just amazing! On behalf of them, and us, thank you! Without your support, this wouldn't have been possible.




















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