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 It breaks our hearts that so many innocent, vulnerable children are suffering, that is why we have decided to donate ALL money from every band that we sell, to wonderful charities that offer help and support to children who need it so desperately. After all, there is nothing more important in this world than our children, and they need our help! You can see details of all our donations made from these bands HERE.


Adam is a lovely 16 year old boy, who has a very rare and aggressive Cancer. Here is his story:

In January 2016, Adam started to complain about a strong pain in his jaw. After visits to the GP and Dentist, Adam was finally referred to the hospital with a suspected stone in his salivary gland. But Elaine and Adam, waiting for an appointment to help them, didn’t hear anything from the hospital. Elaine, growing scared for her son, contacted the GP again, who informed them that the hospital, without even seeing Adam, had downgraded his situation to 'non-urgent' and had referred him to a different hospital. After suffering much pain and upset, Adam was finally seen by a consultant who informed him that he had what appeared to be a tumour and Adam had to undergo invasive tests.

Adam and his family then received the devastating news that Adam had an extremely rare and aggressive Cancer, Mesenchymal Chondrosarcoma and their world fell apart.

At 16 years old, Adam is fully aware of the illness growing inside of him & has to come to terms with the fact his life is now laying in the balance.

A dedicated and loving family watch helplessly as this disease tries to take away their son, their brother, their grandson.

The tumour is now surrounding his carotid artery and main nerves that control movement in his face, meaning he is at high risk of suffering a palsy, meaning he could lose the ability to control the movement in his face.

Adam is starting chemotherapy on 6th June 2016. He has an antagonising 18 weeks of chemo before finding out if the tumour will shrink enough to allow the life saving surgery that he so desperately needs.

We are fundraising to prepare ourselves for possible treatment options should chemotherapy not be successful but this can cost tens and tens of thousands, and we need to be ready and prepared to do all we possibly can to save Adams life.

Should the treatment not be needed, all monies raised will be equally split and donated to Sarcoma UK and The Boom Foundation